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A good first-impression begins at our own house! For that reason, Santa Clara has 2 industrial parks and 3 big distribution centers with more than 30.000 m², modern, bold, environment-friendly and efficient, prioritizing intelligent processes to ensure the best results.

With a stock of more than 2.500 tons among acrylic, polycarbonate, and ACM, ready to send from Brazil, we are a company of high performance and we cover all projects with excellence. We can also offer in our product line the best structure of Latin America in displays production; front and backlights; and other products of visual merchandising and for general industries; with modern laser machinery, CNC, digital printing and more.

Beyond our stock and structure in Brazil, we can offer production and dispatches directly from Asia for acrylic boards, securing the best prices for all colors and standard sizes.

We are strong in our DNA. We are more than 350 employees and we export to the entire world. Santa Clara is the biggest company in the field of boards and acrylic products of South America.

We also have a plant in Brazil, where we offer a fast production and dispatch of colors to all Latin America, using the benefits of MERCOSUR agreements.

Working just with 100% pure raw material, we guarantee a quality of high standards and a wide array of colors and sizes. We can also offer other materials like ACM, compact and Alveolar Polycarbonate.

Working under a worldwide success model, the "lean manufacturing", where we focus on an optimized performance in all departments, delivering always the best results to our customers.

In Santa Clara, tradition, transparency, and innovation are always united to create incredible parts that will captivate you by beauty and practicality, making us a reference in the international market.

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The world inspires us!


We are moved by the wish for continuous and sustainable GROWTH.



We search to be the national reference in the business segment we work. GROWING with simplicity, agility and good relationship.


  1. Firstly, respect GOD, in all his denominations, and FAMILY as a base of society;
  2. We dream BIG. We do not accept the "It's impossible"
  3. The WORLD inspire us;
  4. PEOPLE are our biggest ASSET. We reward our "HOMEGROWN" people, creating opportunities for GROWTH through his/her own merits;
  5. We SERVE our CUSTOMER with happiness, humility, and flexibility, with the clear target of being the reference in the relationship with our customers;
  6. We are a company formed by OWNERS. OWNERS assume his/hers results;
  7. We lead by EXAMPLE. We do what the say;
  8. We are FAST and efficient. We do MORE with less;
  9. We are always TRUE and OBJECTIVE. We don't need artifices to be able to get or explain something;
  10. We are economic, aiming more resources to support our GROWTH in a sustainable and PROFITABLE way.

High-tech production process and a manufacturing plant with over 12,000 m² / 129.000 f²