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Transparency, strength and flexibility. The SANTA CLARA PETG plates are ideal for applications that require holes, cuts, folds, printing and painting, achieve much more flexibility for any project.

Moreover, PETG plates may be cold formed, simplifying the manufacturing process and generating more savings for your pocket.


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Chapas de PETG

Typical product

Physical Properties  Test Method  Unit Value
Density / Specific Gravity ASTM D-792 - 1.27
Optical Refractive Index  ASTM D-792 nD 1.57
Light transmission - Total ASTM D-1003 % 86
Light transmission - Fog ASTM D-1003 % 1.0
Water absorption ASTM D-570 % By wt 0.2
Mechanical properties
Tensile strength ASTM D-638 Psi 7,700
Tensile module of elasticity ASTM D-638 % 320,000
Flexural strength ASTM D-790 Psi 11,200
Flexural module of elasticity ASTM D-790 Psi 310,000
Constant Dielectric @ 1 kHz ASTM D-150 - 2.6
Constant Dielectric @ 1MHz ASTM D-150 - 2.4
Dielectric strength ASTM D-149 volts/mil 410
Compressive strength ASTM D-695 Psi 8,000
Shear Strength ASTM D-732 Psi 9,000
Izod Impact Strength notched @ 73 ° F  ASTM D-256 ft-lb/in Notched 1.7
Izod Impact Strength @ 32 ° F  ASTM D-256 ft-lb/in  Notched 1.2
Free-fall impact  ASTM D-3763 ft-lbs 22
Rockwell hardness ASTM D-785 - R-115
Thermal properties
Deflection temperature @ 264 psi (1.8 MPa) ASTM D-648 °F 157
Deflection Temperature @ 66 psi (0.45 MPa) ASTM D-648 °F 164
Coefficient of thermal expansion ASTM D-696 in/(in-°F) x 10-5 3.8
Thermal conductivity ASTM E-1225 BTU-ft/(hr-ft2 0.13
Flammability (burn rate) ASTM D-635 In/m-inute 0.06
Flammability UL 94 - HB
Smoke density rate ASTM D-2843 % 53.8
Auto-Ignition Temperature ASTM D-1929 °F 880
Flame Spread Index ASTM E-84 - 85
Developed Smoke Index ASTM E-84 - 450
Glass Transition Temperature ASTM D-3418 °F 178